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Questions you should ask before hiring a Mortgage broker

Hiring a mortgage broker is an easy task but some people confuse it with an effortless task. Every work you do definitely requires some efforts and so does a hiring broker. Trusting blindly on someone whom you have never met would not be a good idea, so how can you trust a broker? But then people say that they have no option. You can definitely trust brokers but after you are sure that he/she is trustable and will not betray you. Here are some questions, you should ask a mortgage company before hiring them. These questions will help you analyse the company and build trust for the broker.

In what type of loan does the mortgage broker specialize?

The right mortgage specialist will always understand you and will have a lot of experience in the type of property that you would like to get financed. Also, he/she will know about the type of loan that suits you and will guide you correctly. If you want to find a loan with the least interest rates, it becomes compulsory for you to hire a professional because an amateur may not have enough knowledge and may charge a higher rate of interest. So, when you ask this question, make sure that the broker answers it correctly and you are satisfied with it and if not, then you can definitely cross-question.

What is the process of the lender’s loan approval?

The best brokers will roll up their sleeves and help you in getting the loan approved locally. In fact, they will warn you about all the potential problems that can arise in the process, they will help you in facing the problems and will give you the best possible solutions to it. Also, you need to specifically ask them about the people involved in the approval and are these people local or outsiders. This question is very important as you will know about the people and can research more efficiently now. Once you are done with all this, you can now take the decision of hiring the mortgage company or not.

Differences between the interest rates provided by different lenders?

You will not get an answer to this question until and unless you go to different mortgage companies and ask different brokers about the interest rates that the lenders ask for. Also, one thing that you should always keep in mind is, never to rely on interest rates completely. Some lenders may charge less interest rates but their other charges can be high and vice-versa, so be wise while you choose a mortgage broker because after all he/she will ask the lenders for a loan on your behalf. Interest rates and charges are negotiable too so you can try and negotiate if you want.

These are some questions you should definitely ask mortgage broker before you hire one. These questions will help you build trust in the broker and he/she will also know that you are aware of the updates in the brokers’ field and you cannot be fooled. Be smart when you choose a broker.  

Everybody requires some or other tips and warnings before doing something. Here are some tips and warnings you will require when you are in search of a Mortgage broker. Before telling you these tips, let us tell you that keep your eyes and ears open when you visit a broker because if you ignore them at the time they are talking something important and then you hire them before analysing, just based on your mind set, you can be in a huge problem. So mark this point in your brains.

Now let us come to the tips and warnings you should know.


  • If you are hiring a broker, make sure that you have all the fees, lender rebates and commissions in writing before you hire them for a specific loan. You should take care of this because sometimes when you don’t have these things written down, brokers add extra unnecessary charges to make their own profit and then you will have to pay more. So make sure that you get everything written down beforehand.  
  • A good mortgage broker will help you save your money and negotiate for you with the lenders. This is also one of the important reasons to hire a professional mortgage broker. They will guide you, suggest and help you. An unprofessional broker may not be able to do all this due to the lack of knowledge and experience.
  • If you have found a good deal by yourself but also want to check the deals that a broker offers, make sure that you keep your good deal a secret from the broker. Maybe if you tell them, they can manipulate you to take the loan from them in less good deals and then you end up doing as they say and regret afterward. Also, you can always negotiate with them so that you could get better deals than the one you already have. So you need to be smart and keep your good deal as a secret.


  • Some mortgage brokers may find lenders for you with low-interest rates but he/she can add other charges that you are not aware of and in the end, you are forced to pay them. You should always compare all the charges including the interest rate, a fee of the broker, other extra charges and then decide to hire the best suitable mortgage company.  
  • You should never hire an amateur to find lenders for you. Due to lack of information and knowledge, they may not provide you the best deals and then you will have to settle for less.

So these are some warnings and tips you should be aware of, while you are looking for mortgage companies. Also hiring professional mortgage brokers will keep you trouble-free from such problems and as the company would be reputed and known in the market, trust issues will easily get resolved. Just like PierPoint Mortgage, it has a well-maintained image in the market and has all experienced and professional mortgage brokers who can be trusted easily and can be relied on.  

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